Revit provides DWG™ compatibility using the Autodesk®  ObjectDBX™ toolkit, and works with AutoCAD to help provide clear communication of design data among project teams.  

Autodesk® Revit® is a complete architectural design and documentation solution, supporting all phases of design and all architectural drawings and schedules required for a building project. From massing and conceptual studies through the most detailed construction drawings and schedules, Revit has tools to help you deliver productivity, coordination, and quality to the building team.


Revit can be used alone or in conjunction with AutoCAD® software. This guide will help those who are familiar with AutoCAD better understand how Revit works, introducing some of the main features and concepts of Revit and comparing them with similar features of AutoCAD.

  2.png   This guide also demonstrates how you can use Autodesk Revit with AutoCAD to help manage a project and its deliverables. You‘ll learn how to integrate existing AutoCAD projects with Revit to produce construction documents. The process relies on the export compatibility of Revit and the external referencing capabilities of AutoCAD.